Repairing or installing a single replacement window is a job that most DIY homeowners can tackle. Replacement of every window in a home, however, is a project probably best left to professionals.

Here is a rundown on what a homeowner should understand about and expect to see in a quality window installation:
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  • Aesthetic appeal – In addition to being plumb and level in themselves, all the windows should be aligned properly in relation to each other. In addition, the trim applied around the windows should be properly joined and caulked. Otherwise, the most expensive windows will look shabby and detract from the overall aesthetic appeal of the house.
  • Proper installation – The basis for a properly installed window is the substructure that surrounds it and attaches it to the house. Rotten or inferior wood needs to be replaced. When installed, the window should be stable with the proper insulation, caulking and trim installed around its perimeter.
  • High price does not always equal superior performance – When first installed, almost any quality window will do a reasonable job of sealing out the effects of Mother Nature. This fact does not mean that they will do a better job nor that they will last longer. Instead, more expensive windows are simply manufactured from more expensive materials. On other words, there are plenty of affordable replacement window options for the homeowner on a budget.

The total replacement of the windows in a residential home will usually incur a fairly large cost. Still, it should be viewed as an investment rather than a financial burden. Over time, heating and cooling bills will be lowered and the overall value of the home will be increased.

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