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Awning windows are a great way to bring ease of use, natural lighting, and a unique addition to your home. At Lifetime Aluminum, our experts have extensive experience installing awning windows in a variety of spaces.

Whether you’re looking to install them in your kitchen, bathroom, basement, or living room, our technicians have the expertise and knowledge to ensure proper installation for your home. Tailored to each of our customers, those located in Morris County, New Jersey, can benefit from our services. Learn more about awning window installation at Lifetime Aluminum.

About Awning Windows

Awning windows are a window style designed to be opened from the bottom. Awning windows are similar to the casement window styles but differ in their installation. For example, casement windows are hinged on the side while awning windows are hinged at the top.

This window style also comes equipped with a crank handle on the bottom, ensuring efficient and easy opening. The hinges on awning windows allow the bottom part of the window to swing outward at an angle. This creates an “awning” with the window, giving it its name. Awning windows are commonly used in the kitchen, bathroom, and basement and typically come in a rectangular or square shape.

The Benefits of Awning Window Installation

There are many benefits to choosing awning windows, including:


Window awnings provide ample ventilation, keeping rooms cool and making for an efficient purchase. This is because they are designed to open fully, versus other window types that only open halfway. Because of its ventilation capabilities, an awning window is a great choice for bathrooms or kitchens.

Unobstructed Views

Because awning windows don’t have bars or rails in the design, they create open-window styling without interruptions. In turn, awning windows allow you to experience unobstructed views and natural room lighting.

Because of the design of awning windows, they can also be installed higher up versus other varieties, like sliding windows. This adds to their ventilation and natural light benefits and keeps the rooms private from the outside of your home. In addition, the higher installation also enables more natural light to flow into the room, creating a naturally bright space.

Rainy Day Breezes

Awning windows are hinged at the top, meaning you can open them even during light rain. They are designed with a slant when opened, creating an awning for windows and allowing water to run down and away from the window opening. In turn, this protects your home and its various contents. It also allows you to enjoy the cool breeze that light rain brings to the environment. The hinge design also makes it less likely to experience leaks during inclement weather.

Versatile Designs and Styles

Homeowners can choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, finishes, and styles. This makes it easy to choose a window that matches your home best. With the customization options, this can also give your home a unique touch. In addition, the cranking design of the opening and closing mechanism is easy to use, making awning windows a great choice for any home.

Our Installation Process

At Lifetime Aluminum, we install your window awning using functional hardware for easy exterior cleaning. We make sure that it’s easy for customers to keep their windows clean and good as new. We use three seals of weather stripping, which provides low air infiltration rates. This ensures that air stays out of your home when windows are closed, making the most out of your investment. This also makes your windows more energy-efficient.

During installation, we use polyurethane window frame insulation, a dual weather-stripping system, a high-density polycell gasket, and a primary bulb seal. Because of the design of the awning windows, there must be enough space on the outside of the home to accommodate their ability to open. This means there cannot be bushes, shrubs, trees, or other elements blocking its way.

We evaluate the entire space for you to ensure your window works properly while also meeting the needs of your home. In addition, our low-profile, dual-lever locking handle controls provide additional security, ensuring your windows are safe from break-ins and other circumstances.

Get Assistance at Lifetime Aluminum

When it comes to awning window installation, those in the Morris County, New Jersey, area can rely on Lifetime Aluminum for all of their needs. With a dedication to providing custom services to all of our customers, we can assist homeowners in finding the right window solution for their homes. Contact us today at Lifetime Aluminum.

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