Bay and bow replacement windows make a uniquely charming choice for most residential homes. Instead of sitting flush with the wall like casement windows, these designs extend out somewhat from the building. This breaks up the uniform outline of a rectangular suburban house and creates a more interesting and visually appealing face that can make a house feel more like home. Though they both extend outward, the design of bay and bow windows is subtly different, and which one is right for you depends on the other details of your house, your personal style and the limits of what we can install in the walls of your home. Lifetime Aluminum has experience installing both window styles, and we can help you pick which one is right for you.

Bay Windows

Most people are familiar with bay windows, and we offer a huge range. These usually extend out at an oblique angle from the wall around them, then change angles again and meet in the middle. The result is a charmingly blocky look that gives you a little space for a bench seat near the window, as well as letting in quite a bit more light than a flat windowpane can. The trapezoidal bottom panel underneath the window section is a favorite spot for people to keep flowers and potted plants.

Bow Windows

Bow windows are a lot like bay windows, in that they also extend outward and add more light and space. Where they differ in design is in the angles. Our bow windows are almost always designed without the characteristic angular shapes of bay windows, and instead, they present a bow-shaped, sweeping profile. This is a less common shape for windows to take, so the flair can set your house apart somewhat. The smooth curve of the glass and supporting frame is also a bit easier to clean since there are fewer dust traps where dirt can accumulate.

Bay And Bow Replacement Windows

Choosing between bay and bow windows is mostly a matter of personal taste, but Lifetime Aluminum is always available to help you make the decision. We have the sales and service teams to lay out your options, explain the advantages and drawbacks of every design we carry, and get your final pick installed quickly and at a price you can afford. To get started installing your new bay or bow windows, give us a call at 973-887-1900, or visit us at our East Hanover, NJ, location and speak with a friendly and knowledgeable rep today.