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Young woman sitting on window seat drinking coffeeAre you tired of paying for heating or cooling that’s seeping through the windows? Storm windows might be the solution to your problem because they offer insulating properties that can’t be found with replacement windows. Their superior air-sealing features help retain temperature, eliminate condensation, and reduce noise. Customized windows are also available to fit your uniquely designed home.

What Are Storm Windows?

Storm windows provide extra protection against outdoor elements and can be installed on the inside or outside of an existing window permanently or temporarily. They’re commonly used to improve energy efficiency inside a home with old single-pane windows that allow cold air to seep inside during the winter months. Storm windows are manufactured from various materials, such as glass and rigid or flexible plastic panels or sheets.

Interior storm windows are popular options for homeowners because they’re air-sealed, offering better thermal performance, easier installation and removal, and less maintenance. Exterior storm windows installed to the outside of the primary window’s frame protects your existing window, can be matched to the exterior of the home, and tend to be less expensive than interior storm windows.

Lifetime Aluminum’s storm windows have a stylish panel with an aluminum frame that can be either stationary or completely operational. Aluminum is strong, light, and maintenance-free, making it a popular choice for custom storm windows. When you coat the aluminum with vinyl, it provides an additional advantage to insulating the house. They’re also available in different colors to match the house design.

What Are the Benefits of Storm Windows?

Added Insulation

The added air space between the glass panels of the main window and storm window creates a layer of insulation that helps to keep air from passing into and out of the home. Storm windows with low-E coating are designed to reflect heat inside the house during the winter to provide insulation and outside during the summer, keeping the home more comfortable.


You can install the storm windows to reduce disturbing outside noise, such as loud neighbors or busy streets. They reduce sound from coming into a house and prevent sounds within your home from traveling out. This is a feature to consider if you live near urban centers or highly trafficked roads.

Protection Against Break-ins

As an additional layer, storm windows can provide extra protection against smash-and-grab criminals from accessing your home. Storm windows aren’t easily breakable with a hammer, making them a less desirable target for burglars.

Energy Efficient and Economical

Storm windows are a great solution to reduce the cost of heating and cooling the interior of your home. Because of the extra insulation, they keep heated and conditioned air from escaping the house while also preventing hot and cold air from entering the house. And fully functional storm windows are designed to open when weather permits, which provides fresh airflow while giving your furnace or air conditioner a break.

Storm windows are also more inexpensive than installing new energy-efficient windows, which make them a great solution for homeowners on a tight budget.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Storm windows can add to the aesthetics of a house. They’re designed in various exterior colors that make it easy to complement your home. Color-coordinated storm window frames offer a fresh look to an older home’s appearance while matching with the colors of the brick, paint, or roof.

Protects Primary Windows

When you install exterior storm windows, they act as a shield to keep your primary windows in excellent condition, adding a protective layer against damage from flying debris, pollen, hail, and other harmful elements. The exterior storm windows protect the vulnerable glass, which can prevent costly repairs.

Easy Installation

Storm windows have the advantage of easy installation. An experienced contractor from Lifetime Aluminum can install storm windows in just a day or two, depending on the number of windows. Also, the installation of these windows can happen without disturbing your everyday life.

Upgrade Your Home with Storm Windows Today

If you live in climates where the weather can get extremely hot or cold, consider upgrading to energy-efficient storm windows. Contact Lifetime Aluminum to learn more about the benefits of storm windows and get answers to your questions. Lifetime Aluminum has high-quality vinyl windows in many shapes and sizes that can fit your home perfectly. Get in touch by calling 973-887-1900 or visit one of our showrooms and talk to our experts directly.

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