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Lifetime Aluminum

Wooden patio screened in poolside with beautiful tan and brown furniture

The screened-in spaces created when Lifetime Aluminum adds open-view screens to a home enhance the curb appeal of the home. The screened area also creates a comfortable place for homeowners to relax without being bothered by bugs, such as mosquitos or bees. 

Our process for creating open-view screening begins with evaluating your existing space, such as an open porch. We do this with a focus on using the minimum amount of framing necessary to build the screened-in area without making big changes to the current appearance of your home. We’re able to build a screened-in area that’s as big as seven-feet tall by fourteen-feet long.

A Place To Relax In Privacy While Enjoying Fresh Air

There are a lot of reasons to consider having an area with open-view screening added to your home. One of the first reasons is to get a place to relax in privacy without sacrificing the experience of being outdoors. The screens let air flow through the screened-in space.

You’re able to hear the birds singing, kids playing, or traffic going past. Bugs are kept safely outside fo the screen, so you don’t have to worry about mosquito bites or getting stung by a bee when you’re enjoying time in your open-view screened area.

A Safe Place For Children To Play

When you have children, an enclosed porch gives them a safe place to play. The enclosed area keeps them inside. It also keeps unwanted pests away from them. Plus, if it rains, they’re inside where they stay dry and comfortable. Encourage quiet play in a screened area by setting up board games or a place to color. If you want children to burn off excess energy when playing in the enclosure, set the space up for more active games, such as freeze dance or using a hula hoop.

A Place For Indoor Pets That Enjoy The Outdoors

Some pets love being outdoors. However, it isn’t always safe or practical to let them out. A screened enclosure is a solution that keeps your pets out of danger while providing a fresh-air solution to keep them happy. It also keeps them out of the elements, so you don’t have to deal with that wet-fur smell some pets develop after playing in the rain. 

Great For Growing Plants

During warmer months, an enclosed porch is an ideal spot for plants. The fresh air and natural light provide a perfect growing situation for houseplants. It’s easy to take advantage of the natural lighting by displaying plants that need a lot of light near the perimeter of the enclosed area and the ones that need less light closer to the inner wall.

Extra Usable Space Without Building An Addition

There are two ways to get additional square footage that’s usable in your home. You have the option to have an addition added or an open-view enclosure. When you add a screened-in area to your home, it increases the usable space your family gets to enjoy. Plus, it costs less to have an enclosed porch added to your home than it does to have an addition built onto your home. 

Call Today For a Free Estimate On Open-View Screens For Your Home

Lifetime Aluminum has been serving the East Hanover, NJ area since 1956. We’ve earned a reputation for being trustworthy and delivering high-quality workmanship. Call us today at 973-887-1900 to schedule a free in-home estimate for having open-view screens installed. If you would like to submit a question or concern in writing, our contact form is always available, and someone will get back with you quickly.

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