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Outside view of luxury brick home with various picture windowsInstalling new windows can increase your home’s energy efficiency and give the exterior a much-needed face-lift. Adding a picture window can add a lot of appeal to your home’s appearance while providing great views, as well as draft control, from inside the house. Lifetime Aluminum in East Hanover, New Jersey, specializes in window replacement, and our expert window installation team can install your new picture window with ease.

Why Choose Picture Windows

Picture windows have a large glass area that offers greater viewing areas and tons of natural light. The simple structure of these windows delivers an unobstructed area for viewing outdoor scenery because they aren’t mulled.

They have tight seals all around the edges to ensure superb weatherproofing and insulation, which help lower your energy bills while adding a feeling of roominess to your interiors. We sell high-efficiency replacement windows, including picture windows, of all sizes that are sure to brighten up any room.

Picture Window Types

Homeowners can choose from standard picture windows, casement picture windows, or a combination of the two. Both options come in a variety of sizes, are easy to maintain, and offer unhindered views. You can also have both types of windows customized to fit your home’s decor.

  • Standard Picture Windows are made of large, fixed panes of glass with low profile frames. Because the panes are fixed, they can’t move or be opened. While it’s a notable disadvantage concerning a lack of ventilation, these windows are purposely placed where ventilation isn’t a concern. Standard picture windows are less expensive than casement windows.
  • Casement Picture Windows look like regular picture windows because they don’t have a rail, similar to sliding windows or double-hung windows. A notable convenience of casement picture windows is they open either by pushing against them or using a hand crank. The hinges allow for easy opening and closing, and these windows can be opened all the way for maximum ventilation and air circulation.

Many homeowners choose a configuration that utilizes both standard and casement picture windows. Configurations usually include a standard picture window in the center and a casement picture window placed on each side of the center window.

Installation Considerations

Installation for standard picture windows varies based on the size and material. If you’re replacing an existing window with a vinyl picture window, installers will remove the window but not the frame. The new window is lifted and fit into place, and the frame is nailed into studs, then adjustments are made for a tight fit to prevent drafts.

Casement picture windows are side-mounted with full flip nesting hardware. They also feature two continuous seals of weather stripping around the entire perimeter to prevent drafts and provide optimal comfort. Casement picture windows also have single-lever multi-point locking systems to ensure security when they’re closed.

Lifetime Aluminum has been providing reliable window installation since 1956. Our windows are built to last with enduring beauty you’ll enjoy for many years to come. Our signature narrow-line window design maximizes the glass viewing area. The coved interior glazing bead offers a traditional design line. Our polyurethane window frame insulation provides comfort and ensures energy efficiency.

Hire Window Installation Experts

At Lifetime Aluminum, we work hard to make sure you get what you want, including reliable picture window installation that goes off without a hitch. Our exceptional attention to detail ensures your new windows properly align with your old ones, and we also guarantee your picture window is properly caulked and insulated with trim around the perimeter for the greatest energy efficiency. Contact us at 973-887-1900 to discuss your window replacement options or schedule your in-home estimate today.

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